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Unable to find salty liquorice in Thailand? Search no more - we've got it!

Salty Liquorice Mix is a 250 gram bottle of happiness for all liquorice fans. Mix it with a bottle of your favourite vodka for a unforgettable drink. Use it in desserts or baking. Spice up a bowl of ice cream. Dip marshmallows in it. Who knows, as a facial lotion it might have whitening effect, too. Applications are limitless but the taste is always unique.

Made from a traditional Scandinavian recipe, with the purest ingredients, total passion, love and a tinge of creative madness.

We deliver to everywhere in Thailand. EMS door-to-door shipping arrives next day or second day depending your location.

We send you EMS tracking number so you can track your shipment through Thailand Post website.

Updated Friday 07.11.2015
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